Helpful Documents

In the course of the ETHICSWEB project some helpful information about the state of art in the field of ethics and science were gathered. Some of the information merged into several documents wich might be helpful to a broader public. Therefore they can be accessed and downloaded here.

The documents provided by ETHICSWEB comprise a List of Ethics Documentation Centres in Europe, which lists selected EDCs from different European countries in order to provide a first glance on the the scene. EDC's listed are notnecessarily members of ETHICSWEB. The document only lists centres that were identified in the course of the project and does not claim to be complete.

Furthermore, a list of European organisations that engage in project funding has been compiled. Most of these funding institutions also provide helpful information about the funded projects. Sometimes this comprises information about centres as well as about people that were involved in the project. Most institutions listed, e.g. national academies of sciences, are not specifically concerned with ethics in science, but have a more general interest in promoting scientific progress. Their funding policy regularily includes both natural sciences as well as the humanities. And although ethical issues are not solely in the focus of project, the ethical aspects of scientific projects become more and more important.

Again, the organisations and institutes identified in these documents are not necessarily affiliated to ETHICSWEB in any way.
ETHICSWEB gathered information in these documents with reasonable care. However, ETHICSWEB takes no responsibility for the correctness or accurracy of this information and disclaims liability for any consequences resulting from the use of this information.

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